generatorAdd convenience to your life, avoid damage, and meet your exact needs with a home standby or portable generator.  Whether you’re looking for a source of power for your next camping trip or defending against power outages, Harriman Heating & Air Conditioning is a trusted source for residential, commercial, and recreational generator needs across Livonia MI, Canton MI, Southfield MI, Plymouth MI, Redford MI, Farmington Hills MI, Northville MI, West Bloomfield MI, Novi MI, Westland MI, & Dearborn MI.  A wide selection of leading brands and styles, quality products at the best prices, and knowledgeable workmanship answer all challenges and expectations.  Our licensed technicians assist you with helpful recommendations, making sure you find the right fit for your exact requirements.  We find the ideal solution to your specific energy needs and provide accurate installation, ensuring  a safe transfer of power.

The professionals from Harriman Heating & Air Conditioning protect your satisfaction with extensive hands-on experience, intensive training, and perfect installation of state-of-the-art generators.  Relying on gas or liquid propane, these innovative solutions require very little maintenance and provide dependable protection against the damage and disruption of power outages.  Located outside and permanently installed, backup generators turn on automatically when home or commercial power is suddenly interrupted, delivering power directly to your home’s electrical system until power is restored.

Consider some of the following advantages to the professional installation of a modern backup generator:

  • An instant, dependable source of power protects your home or commercial facility from inconvenience, loss, damage, and disruption, and maintains safe operation.
  • You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’re completely protected from the consequences of a power loss even if you are not on the premises.
  • Because your backup generator relies on existing natural gas or liquid propane as a fuel source, there is no need for refueling.
  • There’s no need to drag or feed lengthy extension cords through windows during an outage.  Backup generators deliver power directly to your home, keeping vital appliances, such as sump pumps and HVAC systems operational.
  • The unit automatically responds to a power outage, and within a span of seconds, reaches capacity and generates electricity.
  • Even if you are away from home and unavailable to oversee your property, the backup generator safely handles and maintains operation until utility power returns.  The unit will automatically react to a restoration of power and transfers power back.
  • Eliminating the disruption of power outages safeguards against damage to home appliances, and temperature-sensitive products.
  • Lengthy power outages will no longer cause interruption or inconvenience.  Vital appliances, temperature control systems, and electronics continue to operate and meet your household needs.
  • With convenient and precise management of the system, you decide whether to power your entire home or facility, or  prioritize your major appliances.
  • Conscientious and prompt installation from Harriman Heating & Air Conditioning ensures quality products, safe operation, and your complete satisfaction.

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