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Properly installing a washer and dryer can be complicated.  If the space has not been previously set up as a laundry room, it requires hot and cold water plumbing lines, a drain line or laundry sink, electricity, a vent, and possibly a gas line.  Even installing a washer and dryer in an existing laundry room with all of the necessary requirements can turn into a complex project, relying on specialized tools and training to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operation.  Contact Harriman Heating & Air Conditioning at (734) 271-6200 for expert washer and dryer hook ups, and we’ll handle the job properly, quickly, and to higher standards of quality.

Dependable Washer & Dryer Hook Up Service

When installing a residential/commercial washer and dryer, there are many important details to consider.  All electrical and plumbing work must meet local building codes.  The floor must be level to promote peak operation.  The hose connections and power cords must reach their sources without strain, leaking or restricting flow, and it’s never a good idea to utilize extension cords.  The team from Harriman Heating & Air Conditioning draws from extensive experience and training to protect your investment and solve any challenges.  Let us optimize the operation, handle your project without damage or mess, and provide an affordable solution to your needs.  Harriman Heating & Air Conditioning makes it easy to keep households running smoothly in Livonia and the surrounding areas.

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